Thicker Than Water


Thicker Than Water
ISBN: 0786014202
Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Pinnacle Books

On a hot night in Florida, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered. Twenty years later, Jack Cade, the man convicted of her death, is released from prison—only days before another horrific crime: someone has murdered Cade's defense attorney. When the ex-con is arrested for the lawyer's murder, Louis is hired by the man's son who believes his father is innocent of the lawyer's murder—and of the old crime as well. Louis follows a long-buried trail that connects the two murders, a trail that leads him to a web of family lies and twisted loyalty.

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Shamus finalist 2004
Anthony Award finalist

"A tangled web in which the innocent are not always good and the guilty hide behind walls of wealth. Crisp prose and evocative descriptions of southern Florida set the tone in this grim mystery, but it's the story's sympathetic characters and sudden twists that will leave the readers hungering for more."
   —Publishers Weekly

"A pretzel-like ambitious and engrossing tale of tangled secrets and blood ties. The likeable, persistent Louis Kincaid continues to grow as a character. He and P.J. Parrish get better with every book."
   —Pate, Orlando Sentinel

"The kind of book that grabs you and won't let go. I absolutely loved it. Nobody is writing better private eye fiction anywhere than P.J. Parrish."
   —Steve Hamilton

"Powerful stuff, especially in the familial interplay and social observation. The quiet sadness that underpins it all really got to me, the way Ross Macdonald always does. Among my favorite Florida crime writers are Charles Willeford, John D. MacDonald, Ed McBain and T.J. McGregor. And now, I'll have to add P.J. Parrish."
   —Ed Gorman, Mystery Scene magazine

"A stunner of a book. Amazingly skilled at creating a sense of place, P.J. Parrish stays true to her characters. I can't wait to see Louis's growth as he learns more about the world."
   —Romantic Times