The Little Death


The Little Death
ISBN-10: 1416525890
ISBN-13: 978-1416525899
Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Pocket Books

When a headless corpse is found in an abandoned cattle pen in a remote area of South Florida called The Devil's Garden, police connect the dots and they lead 60 miles due east to the gilded island of Palm Beach. The dead man is a friend of Reggie Kent, a gentle man who spends his time escorting lonely rich women to social events. But when the Palm Beach socialites close ranks against Reggie, he becomes the prime suspect in the grisly murder and turns to Louis Kincaid to clear his name. But what do the disparate worlds of cattle ranching and Palm Beach society have in common? And why are they hanging Reggie Kent out to dry? When other headless bodies turn up, Louis sets his sights on an unlikely suspect—a prominent Florida senator with a penchant for sadistic sex. But Louis quickly finds out that in Palm Beach, the ultimate oasis of privilege and power, the rich will do anything to keep their secrets hidden.


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"P. J. Parrish is two of the best mystery writers you will ever read. Parrish—the collaborative name for sisters Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols—owes me a night of sleep that I will never get back. I started their new novel late one evening and could not relinquish it until I read the final paragraph. have probably missed this fine series of novels if you limit yourself to purchasing hardcover books. Parrish is more than worth making the switch to paperbacks; this is a series of treasures worth breaking your rule.
The Little Death is a great mystery that's well plotted and superbly told. The best part, however, is the characterization...The Little Death is not to be missed."
   —Joe Hartlaub, (read the full review)

"The Little Death is, in many ways, about power. The power that money brings, the power that sex gives, the power that some people have and other people want. It's also about love: love given, love missing, love lost, love betrayed. P.J. Parrish brings so many layers to this book, so much subtlety.
The Little Death is Parrish's tenth book, and the growth in writing since book one is a real pleasure for the reader. Kincaid is still a man not sure quite where he belongs, although he is getting better at not letting that unease stand in his way. He's always known the world is nothing as easy as black and white; he's learning that sometimes it's the nuances that are more important than the dividing lines. While it is certainly not necessary to read the books in order, readers who treasure character growth as well as writing skill will probably want to start at the beginning."
   —P.J. Coldren, Buried Under

"This is the first P.J. Parrish book I have ever read, and I can faithfully say it won't be the last. The suspense and mysterious elements of this well-written thriller shine over and over through the pages. Louis's character is one I won't soon forget—especially given the ending of The Little Death. His investigative style, moxie, and innate goodness are the characteristics that definitely make Louis Kincaid a hero. Thrilling, powerful, and with just the right amount of riddles and graphic edginess, The Little Death is a keeper. I can't wait to see Louis Kincaid's next assignment!"

"The hallmark of P.J. Parrish's series is putting private detective Louis Kincaid in uncomfortable situations where he has to find his own way out. That's especially true in this award-winning series' gripping 10th novel in which Louis' latest case takes him to Palm Beach. The tightly plotted The Little Death soars as an insightful look at an insular society where the paradigms of power are shifting. Here, money and sex are often tools carelessly wielded.
Parrish takes us inside the luxurious homes and the mind-sets of those people for whom getting their way is business as usual. Yet this peek at the rich and sometimes famous never succumbs to farce or the outlandish. The Little Death's twists never fail to surprise."
   —Oline H. Cogdill, Sun Sentinel Mystery (read the full review)

"I've been riding with PJ Parrish and Louis Kincaid for at least ten years. They just keep getting better and better. Parrish is my kind of writer—intent on delivering character and plot you just don't see coming. And Kincaid is the detective I would want on the case if it was someone I knew on the slab. This is their best work yet!"
   —Michael Connelly

"It's a lollipop, filled with sex, murder and money, all set in the insanity that is Palm Beach Society. The Little Death is so damn big and yummy."
   —Brad Meltzer

"Part procedural, part gritty psychological thriller, part Florida noir, The Little Death moves briskly and unpredictably, as the plots shining through the lives of the many and indelible characters keep us riveted to the end."
   —Jeffrey Deaver

"P.J. Parrish manages to combine two seemingly disparate themes—the lurid tawdriness of sex and drugs, and the power and prestige of old money—to striking effect in The Little Death, set in Palm Beach, Florida and its environs, circa 1989.
Most importantly, though, it is utterly believable; I think the events would play out in real life just as they did in the story, given the same set of circumstances. In the end, it is that sense of truth and honesty—both with the characters and with the situations the authors place them in—that make this book, and this whole series, so very satisfying to read."
   —Diana Burk, a.k.a. GlamKitty, for Paperback Dolls blog (read the full review)