Island of Bones


Island of Bones
Our Noir Publishing

In the wake of a hurricane, a tiny skull washes up on the beach in front of Louis's cottage. Days later, the bullet-riddled body of a woman surfaces in the mangroves. She has no ID—except for an odd ring carved of coral. Sensing a connection, Louis begins his investigation, a search for the truth that will lead him down a trail of secrets and lies—to the Island of Bones, where treachery never dies and the living never escape.

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Publishers Weekly Book of the Year
Best Mysteries of the Year Oline Cogdill
Shamus finalist 2005

"Island of Bones opens like a hurricane and blows you away through the final page. It's a major league thriller that is hard to stop reading."
   —Robert Parker

"The tension builds to a near palpable level as the pair uncovers secrets as dark and warped as the primal landscape. World-weary, contemplative Landeta is the perfect foil for Kincaid, a true man of action. Their camaraderie, combined with Parrish's crisp dialogue and skill at stringing out the suspense, are what make this carefully constructed mystery so absorbing. Parrish's second Kincaid mystery, Dead of Winter, earned a nomination for an Edgar, and this book merits another. Anyone who has read Parrish's mysteries will undoubtedly clamor for this one."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A killer ending will have you looking forward to the next entry in the series."
   —Orlando Sentinel

"Because she works in the critically snubbed thicket of original mass market paperbacks, P.J. Parrish's terrific books about Florida private eye Louis Kincaid don't always get the respect they deserve. Her latest is a worthy addition to the series. There are some striking verbal pictures of the Florida coast, especially after a hurricane, and a memorable scene on the deserted island of the title where grim truths are revealed. For the price of a fast-food meal, you can have a nourishing, satisfying reading experience that will last a lot longer."
   —Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune