Heart of Ice

Winner of 2014 Shamus Award

Heart of Ice
ISBN-13: 978-1439189375
Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Pocket Books

"Louis Kincaid is one of my favorite protagonists in all of crime fiction. And this book takes him back to his Michigan roots and beyond anything he's ever experienced before. It's absolutely gut-wrenching and I loved every single page. P.J. Parrish is one of the best in the business and this book is clearly their best yet."
   —Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award author of Die a Stranger

Florida PI Louis Kincaid wants to wear a badge again. But before he can, he must return home to Michigan—and some unfinished business. He wants to bond with 10-year-old Lily, the daughter he recently learned existed, and reunited with his lover Joe Frye. But new clues to an unsolved murder put his plans on ice. A trip with Lily to enchanting Mackinac Island turns grim when the child falls on a pile of old bones. The dangerous discovery reopens the cold case of Julie Chapman, a teenager from one of the wealthy summer families, who vanished two decades ago. And when Louis is forced to cooperate with a tough state investigator who once worked with Joe, tensions skyrocket. Now, what was supposed to be a time of building lasting ties, splinters into disturbing fragments, personally and professionally, as Louis pursues a mystery entangled in dark family secrets and twists even he can't predict.


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"Louis Kincaid returns to his Michigan roots and beyond anything he's ever experienced before. It's absolutely gut-wrenching and I loved every single page."
   —Steve Hamilton, two-time Edgar Award-winning author of Die A Stranger

"I save books from P.J. Parrish for when I know I won't be interrupted. For HEART OF ICE even sleep had to wait. I can't say enough superlatives about this writing dynamic duo. In every book, location itself becomes a character. I loved this book. Excellent incorporation of past and present on many fronts, all organic to the story. Every story they write ... simply ... flows. They write stories to get lost in: Realistic. On the edge. Dramatic. Thrilling. Powerful. Unfolding. I salivate when I hear a new Louis Kincaid novel is about to go to press and "Heart of Ice" just tripped me over the top. Writers: Studying P.J. Parrish is equivalent to an M.F.A. in creative writing. They are two of the best writers on the planet today."
   —Clay Stafford, author and founder of Killer Nashville

"Set on Michigan's famous Mackinac Island—where pampered cottagers enjoy idyllic summers, blithely unaware of a decades—old secret kept buried through many a long, harsh winter. The best Louis Kincaid novel yet by one of our favorite mystery writing duos."
   —Jill Miner, SATURN BOOKSELLERS, Gaylord, MI

"Easily one of the best crime novels of the year. It's the tenth paperback book in the popular series starring Louis Kincaid, a former Michigan cop who's now working as a private investigator in Florida. Parrish deftly maintains the pace throughout this highly entertaining mystery. There are many unexpected plot twists and surprises, including a memorable, jaw-dropping conclusion."
   —Ray Walsh, Lansing State Journal

"A complex, engrossing tale, one which involves the revelation of many a secret thought long buried, some innocent, some painful, and some potentially lethal. Kincaid aficionados will enjoy Parrish's latest, as the PI takes significant strides in resolving some long-standing personal and professional issues. Those new to the series can enjoy Parrish's craftsmanship, as she again delivers an outstanding example of the modern whodunit/ procedural, a tale as well written as it is suspenseful, replete with realistic, and surprising, twists and turns."
   —Hank Wagner, Mystery Scene Magazine

"An intriguing Louis Kincaid thriller/suspense/mystery and a great story and one you don't want to miss. I can hardly wait to see what happens next to Louis, and in his life."
   —My Book Addiction Reviews

"I don't know where I have been, but I have never read a book by P.J. Parrish before. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Louis Kincaid is the PI in the story that works with the local Michigan police department to help solve a decades old murder that his daughter fell upon, literally. This is not an easy case to solve. Every new suspect has reasons for possibly committing this horrific crime. Every time I thought I had an idea as to who commit this murder and why, the storyline twisted. It was an absolute page-turner and I am so glad that I was introduced to this author. You will not want to put this book down!"

"HEART OF ICE is the newest entry in the Louis Kincaid series. It is one of the best. There are enough twists and turns for the most demanding of readers. As in the rest of the series, Louis learns something about himself and what's important to him as the case progresses. Parrish writes about the Island with the loving tenderness of a long-time Michigander, not wanting to besmirch it because of what happened on it. This book is some very nice writing indeed."

"From the opening pages of this newest novel from P.J Parrish, on New Year's Eve in 1969, the reader will be held spellbound. The author's prose brings the [Northern Michigan] area to life. The craftily written plot provides various scenarios, each entirely plausible, as to the events behind their presence, each entirely plausible, with no clear indication as to the identity of the killer. More than that cannot be said without spoilers. But it must be said that the ingenious conclusion is an unexpected one, and the book is highly recommended."

"The plot twists and turns will keep the reader guessing and just when it appears that the book is almost over something new happens to start everything up again. The author takes the reader on a thrill ride that starts at the beginning of this book and does not end until the final page is turned. If you like a good mystery, look no further than this book!"

"P.J. Parrish delivers a good story, well told, with reliable characters and settings, asking only that their readers enjoy the journey they deliver. Almost always, they fulfill this promise. With their new novel, set on Mackinac Island, I was holding my opinion in reserve. Full disclosure: I grew up on Mackinac Island, so I wasn't so sure they could get it right, having read other novels set on the island that had a misfire or two. I was at first cautious but then more and more delighted as they really seemed to "get" the island (and it may help that one of the sisters lives in nearby Petoskey), but after awhile the story they were telling was simply so good, the island details really didn't matter. The ultimate solution to the mystery is a twisty and riveting one, worth any ending ever delivered by Jeffrey Deaver or Harlan Coben. By the end of the novel I couldn't stop reading, which is maybe the best compliment you can give any book."

"I'd never read any of the Louis Kincaid novels, and I can see I've been missing something. There is a wonderful heart throb running under this missing person/murder story that thrums hardest when the detectives need to make professional choices—they include sentiment and moral choice; behaving well is important, love matters. The structure is brilliantly designed to deliver all the tension of the crime revelations, the lawmen's investigations, alongside personal relationships keep the pressure on, and I found myself reading faster and faster. This is a good one!"
   —Leslie Gardner, E-THRILLERS.COM

"Mackinac Island in northern Michigan is the setting for this enthralling mystery, the latest Louis Kincaid novel by P.J. Parrish. The writing team of P.J. Parrish has crafted a murder mystery with enough plot twists to keep you turning the pages. But added to that, the characters are as real as your next door neighbors. The title HEART OF ICE fits perfectly with the cold of a northern Michigan winter, and the cold of emotions and secrets kept for a generation."
   —Kathleen Heady, SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

"Louis Kincaid a former cop who now is a P.I. finds himself precipitated into a very cold case on an island by no other than his long lost daughter, Lily. These authors seem to get better with each book. The characters in these books are brought to reality by their flaws and foibles. They seem real so the story seems real. I highly recommend the book."
   —Pick of the Literate.com

"A chilling new suspense novel in the critically acclaimed Louis Kincaid series!"

"I really liked how the setting contributed to the mystery and details of the crime. The back story was dealt with beautifully. I wasn't overwhelmed by retelling of other tales and books, nor did I feel like I was lost because I didn't get the inside track on every piece of the tale. Definitely get this one. And add P.J. Parrish to the reading list."
   —The Word Nerds

"This is one terrific story. So many stories come to light that go back at least twenty years. I read the book in one afternoon as I wanted desperately to find out who did it. This amazing series is written by two sisters who have a wonderful imagination and do very good research. The plotting and characters are first rate and I'm looking forward to the next 'chapter' in Louis' life! Quill Says: Never close your eyes—never turn the pages too quickly—you do NOT want to miss a thing!"
   —The Feathered Quill

"This was a fantastic story, and from the beginning you are hooked. It is impossible to read this, and skip anything, because if you do, you may miss something that could change the game, and there are so many twists. The wonderful writing team of P. J. Parrish does such a wonderful job with this book, as it is so well done, with the story flowing so smoothly. If you want a good mystery, that has you pushing to finish and find the resolution, then HEART OF ICE is perfect for you."
   —The Reading Café.com