Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter ebook
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One by one, the bodies of the police officers are found, brutally executed with mysteriously coded death cards placed by every corpse. And the only sound louder than the doors of Loon Lake Michigan being locked against evil is the sound of hearts beating in terror. When Louis joins the small force and starts investigating, he doesn't realize the truth—and the killer—is closer at hand than anyone can know.

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Edgar Award finalist 2002
Anthony Award finalist

"Dead of Winter is a wild ride with a really fine writer."
   —John Sandford

"Moves along briskly, pulling the reader along for an invigorating ride."
   —Baltimore Sun

"Brisk—tight—a fast-paced, well-conceived yarn."
   —Chicago Tribune

"Snow falls and so do the sinister hints. Things loom but they're never what they seem—especially not for a black man in a mostly white town. Unfamiliar with Loon Lake, Kincaid nevertheless manages to work out who's killing his fellow police officers and why. Along the way, he makes some discoveries about his own prejudices and burdens. Dead of Winter moves briskly, pulling the reader along for an invigorating ride. P.J. Parrish [has] earned their place in crime fiction with tightly developed plots, and readers will see much more of them in the future. Truly, they are a writing team to watch."

"Out of the many manuscripts we receive here at the Mystery Guild®, I try to find the real gems. When I came to this one, I liked it right off—it was the title. Then I started reading about this frozen little town called Loon Lake in Michigan, where a cop is blown away by a single shotgun blast. Arriving sometime later to apply for the murdered officer's job is Louis Kincaid. He's given the position immediately, but is disturbed by the unsolved case, and he wants in on it. However, the tight-knit department takes some getting used to, and Kincaid is the outsider. Then, a second cop is killed. Now it's personal and I was hooked. With the chill of fear creeping in, the cops have to move fast. And Kincaid knows the secrets are out there—probably buried under the thick carpet of endless snow."
   —Jay Franco, Mystery Guild

"Smoothly involving police procedural, as solidly constructed as the block of ice that encases one corpse. The story offers a couple of well-timed surprises and its real strength is Louis Kincaid himself, a standup guy who tries not to let his own emotions and troubled past sway his moral compass."
   —Orlando Sentinel

"An involving police procedural, as solidly constructed as the block of ice that encases one corpse."
   —Orlando Sentinel