Dark of the Moon


Dark of the Moon
ISBN: 1575663945
Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Pinnacle Books

When a hunter finds some old bones in the woods of Blackpool, Mississippi, the town's citizens and police just want to see them reburied and forgotten. But when Louis arrives to the town of his birth t care for his dying mother, he becomes obsessed with finding the identity of the victim. His quest takes him into the dark heart of the small town and its past—and forces him to confront his own painful past as the son of a black woman and the white father who abandoned him at birth.

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"Full of intrigue and edge-of-the-seat suspense. But best of all is the character at its center: Louis Kincaid. Dogged and noble, carrying his history close to his heart, Kincaid is a welcome addition to the literary landscape of crime fiction."
   —Michael Connelly

"A fast-paced, old-fashioned thriller. It's fun having a hero who can talk about truth and justice with a straight face, instead of the usual world-weary detective. Dark of the Moon is guaranteed to keep readers entertained."
   —South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"A taut thriller of racism past and present, love in its many forms and the growth that can come from acceptance."
   —The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.)

"Put Dark of the Moon at the top of your must-read list. Louis Kincaid is a tough, three-dimensional man with all the psychological and complexity of a James Lee Burke character. A solid novel with excitement and intelligence galore. Parrish is an author to read, collect and root for."
   —James W. Hall

"Louis Kincaid, who is cut from the same stylish cloth as John Ball's Virgil Tibbs, is an absorbing character."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Parrish vividly creates a determined investigator and a divided community with a violent secret. With plenty of action, Dark of the Moon keeps readers entertained."

"A southern version of Snow Falling on Cedars...an exceptional novel."
   —Jeremiah Healy